Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Upcycle Artist in the House

When I tried to tell Zora to stay out of the trashcan I heard her familiar rally cry "But Mom!  I'm making something very special"  Well, good thing I listened, because I got to see another creative Zora project.

She took a discarded donut box, apparently wiped it out or washed it (it was a tad wet for a while), and wrote out her directions in her notebook. 

She has a plan

That dot in the middle of the page, between the boxes, that was where she came and got me for help.  That dot was "make a hole in the back of the box so it can be hung on a nail"  (you'll notice on the bottom of the instructions is a picture of a nail, to show that it is supposed to be hung up.)

The square under the dot is "tape the picture so it stays in place"

And, VOILA!  Completed picture frame with family portrait.

Can we hang it up now?


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