Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Little Math Dude

Zane didn't even make it past the kitchen when he came home from school yesterday.  He dug out his homework and pulled out his math worksheet.  Clearly, his father's son there.

I am not sure what the teacher was expecting, but at least it was done with enthusiasm.  (and yes, I know the handwriting is still problematic, but he is at least trying his best, so I don't harp on it unless it degrades to unreadable).  I will find out during the IEP meeting if his math is on par with peers, but being behind on math was my biggest concern with placing him in the 4th grade.  I knew he was going to struggle with reading comprehension & social skills no matter what grade we put him in, but I am hoping that he is at least at grade level with math.

Looking at it, we are going to have to review how to use parenthesis to make the point more clearly.  Yes, you are supposed to multiply before adding, but us non-math people have to look that up to make sure we did the equation the right way if there aren't any parenthesis to give us a hint.  (4x6+1=25, not 28)

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