Monday, September 19, 2011

Biking: Time to try the Sidewalks

This is going to take more work than we were anticipating.  We did one last try the night before the big class bike tour through town, in hopes that it would click enough that he could ride safely with his class.

It was looking like it might happen, but then he crashed.  He hit one of those phone utility things poking out of the ground, and went down hard.  It was a miracle he didn't break his arm considering how it was tangled in the bike (Zach had to straighten out the handlebars to line it back up again).  He got a nasty scrape around his eyebrow/eye socket.

On the plus side, I do think I am going to like the new doctor.  They got us in within a few minutes of the crash (a few blocks away) to check him out, saving us a trip to the ER, even though we hadn't turned in the paperwork yet.  We were pretty rattled, but after a bit, Zane seemed like he was doing better than his parents.

So, that evening we emailed his teacher to tell him about the crash.  Morning came and we weren't sure if he was going to ride a small segment where they were on the street (skipping the part where they are confined to the sidewalk) or just sit it out.  We brought his bike (even loaned out an extra helmet) to the set up point to see what the plan was.  There we were informed he was walking with a group of other kids who weren't riding, so we loaded the bike, drove a few blocks, and met up with his group as they were arriving at their intersection.  

giving high 5's to passing bikers
The kids Zane was with helped man the intersection where they stop traffic, allowing the entire line of 100 bikers to stick together as a group.  
He even joined in a game of tag while we were waiting for the tour to make their way back through the intersection on the way back. I was concerned that he would be upset because I know he really wanted to ride, but was relieved to see that he handled the change of plans smoothly. He really enjoyed watching the tour, which made me happy.  He really wasn't ready to ride like that quite yet.  So close though.

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