Monday, September 12, 2011

Church kick-off party

Every fall, at the beginning of the "new year", the church has a kick off party after services.

Zane decided his chair wasn't close enough to the Bluegrass musicians and he wanted a better view.

After setting up, Zora thought it was a good idea too, then others started following his lead
Zora HAD to go on the pony ride.  She was pleased.

I didn't realize the kids liked Bluegrass enough to sit for more than 10 seconds to listen to it,  Awesome.  We will have to make a trip to Winfield this year to the big Bluegrass Festival.   

I also noted a phenomena I see over and over.  Sometimes not caring so much about "being weird" has it's advantages.  He wanted to see the musicians, and instead of just sitting back like the crowd, he did something about it.  He moved chairs so that he could get a better look.  Once he started the trend, others followed.

On a different note, a part of me thinks we should find a church more local, but then I sit in fellowship with my friends there, and I can't imagine another church being such a good fit for all of us, even if it means a drive.  There is something so liberating about mostly agreeing with those around you, and enjoying discussions, both personal and theological, without it turning into a predictable debate.  I know of at least one church that is closer to us that might be a good fit too, but I am just not quite ready to leave this one right now, even though it would seem logical to move. lol.

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