Friday, September 9, 2011

First Day of School

A belated post, I know.

Dad and his favorite kids
It is the end of homeschooling.  A major part of "who I am" is changing.  It will be a good change.

We moved to a new, much better, school district and enrolled the kids.  I started talking to the school before school was out last spring in anticipation of the move, and we got started with the IEP process before we were even fully moved.  I am pretty gun-shy after my last public school experience, but I am working really hard to trust that it will be OK. (praying hard too, this is really a journey of faith for me) I know that if I have to, I can homeschool.  I just don't think homeschool is the best option for Zane any more.  He is getting older and it is getting much more complex for me.  But mostly, I am burned out right now.  After nearly a decade of being with the kids 24/7, I need a break.

So, this year we were among the throngs trying to find the things on the list, get those "non-marking shoes", finding new backpacks (the old ones were preschool sized and both needed big ones), and doing all the registration stuff.  Add to that the meetings with the people who will be working with Zane (which, I must add, they were very open to).  They even suggested doing a school tour the day before school started, before I brought it up (I thought I was going to have to argue for it), so he could see the rooms, read all the posters and wander around the facilities at his own pace. It means that he wouldn't be as prone to the distraction and anxiety of an unknown place his first day. School hadn't even started and they were doing things you normally have to fight for in an IEP.  Awesome start.  He was also given two aides, one morning, one afternoon, to fill in until the IEP meeting sets up the official PLAN...I am still in shock.  Talk about OPPOSITE of USD 259.  Seriously, it is incredible.

Mom and her favorite kids
So, after pancakes, sausage and fruit they got dressed, Zane in his favorite Robot shirt, Zora in the new outfit from Oma & the hairbow I made the night before to surprise her, they put on their new shoes, grabbed their new backpacks and headed outside for pictures.

 Then we made the trek to school.  It is so cool to live close enough that walking is an option.

One more block 
Zane hamming it up.

And, one last shot for their first day. 

I didn't cry until I got back home.  I know they are in very good hands. Zane had a familiar face there for him for today (she made a special trip down just to help his team get the supports set up for him with less trial and error), somebody who understands him better than most, so it really helped both of move through the changes easier.  That was truly an answer to prayer.

My babies are both school age now, and both of them are going to a regular school.  This is going to be quite the transition for all of us.

Once the kids went into the building, neither looked back.  They were ready.

I think I am too.  We will see.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful new start for all of you! Stretching and growing can be painful but worth it. I am so glad you found a school that is open and inclusive.