Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bike Riding a SUCCESS! (with video)

We found an empty parking lot in town.  The one we were using is next to the football stadium, and on a Friday night in Small Town America, that means it is jam packed with cars at the high school football game. So, after driving around, we find a nice, wide open, smooth parking lot.  Just a little wet from the scattered showers, but not bad.

Putting the pedals back on
Zora zooming
And there he goes!...
...and goes...
..and goes!

And here is the live action, after a few minutes practice. 

We had to hurry home soon after this.  Between the sun going down and the incoming storm, bike riding conditions were deteriorating at a fast clip.  It was awesome though.  He was so excited and proud of himself.  On the way home he asked if we could call Oma and Opa to tell them.  That is the second awesome point to the day.  He also pointed out that we could go get the new, bigger bike, now that he knows how to ride, so I guess we will get on that as soon as we can.

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