Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Well, we moved in more than one way.  First postal address, now blog address.  In an effort to streamline things, I am moving the blog, as you can see. I am settling in, will add some pages, and decide later if I am going to move the entire old blog over, or just keep it linked.  Most likely it will eventually be moved, but it is WAY down on the priority list.

So, I found Blogger.  It looks easy, and it connects with Picasa, and it looks easy, and it looks easy.  So, maybe I will be able to actually keep this thing more updated now.  lol.  Bonus:  Zach can blog on the same blog at the same time without it being a big pain, so he might drop by and make things more interesting, or nerdy, or weird.  We will see.

Expect to see the background and such change a million times.  Blogger has all sorts of neat stuff, and I also have the option of using my own graphics, so that will come in time too.  Maybe.  If I can get Zach to invent one of those time stopping stopwatches I might actually catch up on my "have to do" list and do my "want to do" list with more frequency.

Finally, a link to the old blog.  So down the road, when I haven't loaded up the old content and people want to look back, it is right here at what will, then, be the end/beginning of the blog.


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