Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We bought a refurbished bike from a neighbor and went to test drive it.  Zane was upset with the situation at first.  He tried the new bike in our driveway, but the uneven surface mixed with more obstacles (like the street) and a bike that balanced very differently and was much heavier, was very discouraging for him.  We packed the bikes up to go back to the smooth, large, mostly empty parking lot for him to get used to the bike.  The entire way there he loudly voiced his complaints and wanted his old bike back.  He wanted us to take off the pedals again, but we couldn't get them off (screw started to strip), so he had to be content with Dad pushing him for a bit while he found his balance.

After a few minutes, once he was resigned to the fact we weren't going to let him back on his old bike again until he tried this one, he calmed down and got to work.  It took a bit of coasting and Dad pushing him for him to start pedaling again, and soon after, he was up and going.  And this time, with a bigger bike, he could go considerably faster.  He was THRILLED.  Mom and Dad....not so much.  Luckily the two spills he took were not when he was at full speed, or we would have spent the evening in the hospital.

Bigger Fears. : /

Dad helping as he tries to find his balance on the much heavier, much bigger, differently balanced bike.

Bigger Bike! : )
Checking out the braking/pedal system.  This has the adult style brakes rather than the pedal brakes.

Bigger Wait Time for my Big Girl

She got tired of riding and took a break to mess with the tools.

Bigger Distance
I sat in the middle of the parking lot and watched as they both rode all the way to the edges.

Bigger Speed!  :O

He was LOVING the speed.   Way too much.

Bigger Smiles! :D

Bigger Bruise.  :(

His cheek hit a fencepost. OUCH!  He was making stimmy noises and enjoying hearing them echo against the buildings and wasn't paying attention to where he was going.  The cheek looked pretty horrible the next day.

So, the day was a success.  Next:  Sidewalks.  
Do they make full body bubble wrap?

Oh, and if anybody knows of some super cheap/free adult bikes, we would be interested.  He now officially goes faster than we can run.  Well, especially me, but he could almost do that on the little bike, so that isn't saying much. lol.

And, as a side note, I am thinking it is such a bad idea to have "fall picture day" at school four days after the class bike tour of town.  I am hoping we don't end up with a "memorable" photo.

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