Saturday, September 24, 2011

Looking Back: Early February 2011

Since I skipped about 8 months of blogging, I wanted to do some quick catch-up posts.

These are some of the highlights from the first half of February 2011

Zora snuggling with Zane as he plays his Nintendo DS

I forgot how long his hair used to be

I only intended to trim the ends, but he decided he wanted it like it used to be.

Post hair cut, looking at an infinity of Zane's in the mirror

Oma treats us to a meal at Subway after spending the day with Zora

Enough snow that it buried our planters. (notice the 4th one you can just see the handles)
And some of my favorite pictures from that time period, taken while Zane and I waited for Zora to finish at Reading Explorers.  He was playing his "Nintendo DS Extra Large" (he always adds "Extra Large" on the end of the name)

My Happy Guy

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