Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Above the Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink area is my favorite part of this house.  This is the sill above the sink, and my view when I wash the dishes. 

Lots of memories in this small space:  The tiles, little ceramic eggs in the distance, and the plant pots were made by the kids, the hot pad was made by Zora, Zach got me the aloe plant July 3rd (the day before he burned his finger and I used it for that),  the pink one at the end was a gift to me when I was a speaker at an Autism event.  The little dish I put my rings in when I do dishes was from his Grandpa Lou & Grandma Hazel's kitchen (a little Christmas tree, but it stays there all year round), and the flowers were picked by Zora for me and, amazingly, keep blooming despite not having any dirt.  Not seen is the awesome knife I use several times a day that my mom gifted me with. I have had most of these plants for a while, and they had always been sickly and sad looking, but in this home, they have all thrived and come back to life, and surprised us by actually blooming again.  Change can be a wonderful thing.

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