Monday, October 10, 2011

Homecoming Parade

The church the kids go to for Wednesday Night Church (not our regular church) invited the kids to ride on the float in the parade.  Zane wanted to watch the parade, but Zora wanted to be on the float.

On the way to the parade route, we dropped Zora off at her float.
getting ready

waving to the crowd as she passed by

I forgot that people throw candy at you when you watch a parade.  
Zane was happy about this development.
enjoying a sucker watching the parade

We actually ended up sitting to a group of people we knew.  Some through school, some through swim this summer.   I saw them sitting near each other and realized it probably wasn't going to get any better than that and parked it there.  It is a relief to be around people who know who Zane is and check to make sure he is included in the fun and got some candy too.

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