Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dinosaurs and Mommies

Zora seems to have an enduring interest in dinosaurs, so it was time to finally show her some real bones.  When we told the kids we were going to the Museum of World Treasures and showed them the video (we can't just surprise Zane, he needs to have a bit of a heads up, even if it is something he will like) before going to church in the morning. So, after church and a quick drive through snack, we headed downtown with our coupon.  WooHoo!


A table of cool things to touch and talk about.  (those are eggs she is looking at)

Some fish fossils found locally, from when Kansas was ocean.

Zora apparently heard wrong when we were discussing the cool things in the museum, and as soon as she had seen the dinosaurs, her #1 priority, she wanted to go see the "Mommies".  She kept pushing a map at me asking where the mommies were, and it took me a few times to figure out she meant "Mummies".  They had two of them there, and they just intrigued her.  She actually hung out in the little Mummy room asking a lot of good questions about them.

Zane was really interested in looking over the big model of the Navy battleships.  I called mom to see if it was the same ship her Dad served on, but it wasn't.  It is likely very similar though.  (He was on SS Ticonderoga during WWII)

There was a whole floor of military related stuff that, other than the ship, we went through pretty quickly.  If you are into military history, it would probably be really awesome, but we aren't, so it was a little creepy, especially some of the Nazi stuff.  They did have some old propaganda posters that were interesting though. 

 Madame President and her reluctant Aide.  (not sure if it is the real thing or a replica, but it is the desk that JFK worked on, and you could see where the little door is in the front from that famous picture of John Jr playing under the desk.)

Zach explaining to Zora what a suit of armor is, how it works, and what it is used for.

 Later, when it is just Zora and I, Zora wants to show me the suit of armor and tell me about.  Here she is explaining, very matter of fact, that this is where they pee from.  My inner 3rd grader giggled.

One last look at the dinosaurs before we head out.

We had an interesting time, and it was well worth a visit.  It only took about two hours to go through the museum, but that was because we aren't really into the military stuff and we only have one kid who reads, and there is a limit to how much he feels like reading.  Zora loved hearing about stuff, but after two hours of stuffing her brain, you could tell she had hit her limit too.   

The gift shop was also pretty cool, and we will have to remember it during Christmas/Birthday time.  Lots of cool, nerdy things there.

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